List of Manual traffic exchanges where Hit2Hit promotes the Framed site
Upgraded members at Hit2Hit receive free traffic to their sites from 7 manual traffic exchanges/rotate4all site.

I am receiving many questions about the framed site how it works. (7 traffic exchanges/rotate 4 all site)
First the list which manual traffic exchanges and the rotate 4 all site that are used below that how it works:

I promote this site: At these traffic exchanges; the full list is now:

Traffic G ***click here (opens in a new window)

EasyHits4u ***click here (opens in a new window)

Rotate 4 All ***click here (opens in a new window) Rotate 4 All which is the site ***click here (opens in a new window)

Tezzers ***click here (opens in a new window)

Members Rule ***click here (opens in a new window)

Webmaster Quest ***click here (opens in a new window)

Hits 4 Surfers ***click here (opens in a new window)


When you click on this link:  a couple of times you see each time a different site appear. These are sites from the upgraded members. So by promoting them at the above traffic exchanges and rotate4all site upgraded members sites are shown.

Daily average 100 sites of upgraded members are in rotation. (A site must have credits assigned to be rotated within the  ).


When you are an upgraded member at hit2hit and have credits assigned to your urls, your site(s) will be shown in other traffic exchange.NOTE If you cap cap it at 200 or more.

As long as you have credits assigned and your site into rotation you will receive traffic from the 30+ traffic exchanges, When your credits run out and you like your sites to be seen in the framed site you have to either surf, purchase credits or get a many referrals to make sure your site(s) has credits.
NOTE If you cap cap it at 200 or more otherwise your site won't be shown in the framed site (this only is so if you cap if you don't cap 1 credit assigned to your rotation site is enough).

Q When a site is shown in the frame at another TE does it use up an assigned credit at Hit2Hit or are those assigned credits only spent when shown at Hit2Hit itself?

A Your credits aren't used up at the other manual traffic exchange, the traffic you get from other traffic exchanges will not be taken away from your account it's truly free. So your credits will only be spent when shown at Hit2Hit itself.

Q You are rotating sites of upgraded members here ?

A The upgraded members that have credits assigned to their rotating sites are rotated in that site. If capped capped at 200 or above.

Q If I have 30 sites with credits will all 30 be shown in the framed site?

A Yes :-)

Q May I put in 30 times the same site?

A Yes :-)

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