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*My Sites*

Now click here to go to my sites.
As a free member you can have 4 sites.
Here you see on top the amount of sites you have in this example it is 2 sites:

My Sites

You have 2/4 site(s)

You have 2/4 site(s) means you have 2 out of 4 sites.

Site name this is the name you gave to your site, only you and the person who approves the site will see the name of the site not any of the members

Url this is the link of your site

Hits this is the amount of hits your site received (1 hit = 1 visitor so 100 hits is 100 visitors)

Credits amount of credits left. 1 credit equals 1 visitor to your site.
When you have 5.7 credits left you can assign 5 credits anything after the dot (.) you can not assign.

CPD stands for credits to use per day. I will explain this below

State is the state your site is in. It can be in rotation, on hold, suspended or on unsure.

Rotation members see the site, hold no one sees it YOU can put it in rotation again. Suspended your site isn't shown to members and can't be shown or changed by you. Unsure is when the site needs to be seen by me ( the owner) or that I myself put it there because I need to send you an email about your site because I either have questions or because I need to send you an email to explain why I am going to suspend it.

Click here to go to CPD.
By clicking on the site name you will come to the "CPD site" or by clicking the link below that will also bring you to the CPD site.

On top you see: Edit Site: (here is the name of the site)
Site name
Site URL
Site Status
Credits to use per day 0 is Unlimited Credits Per Day

Site name the name you gave to the site, site url is the link/site you are promoting, site status can be rotating, hold, suspended or unsure. When it is in rotation you can put it on hold, when it is on hold you can put it back into rotation, these are you 2 options, for suspended and unsure site scroll up and read the above about the status each site can have and what it means.

Credits to use per day 0 is Unlimited Credits Per Day You can change this amount if you like to let you site shown a maximum of 100 times per day you put in 100 and click on SAVE.

NOTE for upgraded members only! If you are upgraded and you want to have your site seen at 30+ traffic exchanges it must say 0 or 200 or more. So if you put in 250 it is fine, if you put in 0 it is fine or 200 is fine too! If you put in anything above 0 and below 200 (1 - 199) your site will be shown at Hit2Hit but NOT at the 30+ other traffic exchanges.

How to add a site Click here to login.
Click left side bar on *My sites* or click here click here.
Click on *Add a new site here*
Site name: Is the name you'd like to give to it only you and person who is checking it will see the name. The members of Hit2Hit will NOT see the name.

Site URL: Example http://mysite.com

Click on the button *Add* to add it. How to delete a site.

Click on *My Sites* left side bar OR click here.

Click on the name of the site you want to delete.
Click on delete. VERY IMPORTANT !!! Make sure you always have one site added if you have 0 sites.... whenever you try to surf you get booted out of Hit2Hit this will continue to happen until you have at least 1 site added.

To see the explanation of

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*My Text Links*

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*Buy Credits*
*Upgrade Account*
*Downline Builder*

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*Personal Details*
*Delete Account*
*Log Out*

Copyright RBS 2008
Be advised you are not allowed to copy this tutorial in any way!